Voices in #AI

There's been an onslaught of new AI events and conferences in the past year (great for the scene!) but we feel like there is a lack of balance in AI / ML speaker lineups. Our goal for this event is to examine leading conferences and events' relationship with representation, diversity and inclusion. We will use public data from large AI events to create a report on diversity and inclusion. We'll also include ideas on how to increase representation. We believe that if you have power to feature people in front of an audience, you have a responsibility to prioritize equal representation. 

**Special note: Our intended focus is large, for-profit AI/ML industry conferences. We will publish mostly aggregate data. Our purpose is not to draw attention to specific groups. We will not include conference or event names in our published report. All of the data we will be examining is in the public domain.**

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Sponsor this report or add your name as a supporter.  We want to give people an opportunity to say they support diversity and inclusion in AI by signing this report. If you are attending the event, you will be included as an author.



Collaborative Hack and Design Session.



To keep this event focused, we made a small number of personal invites. If you are interested in increasing representation and diverse voices in AI & Machine Learning, we want you to come. **Especially awesome if you're a designer and can help design the report and visualize the data. (This event will not be announced on our mailing lists.)



  1. Why is Diversity and Inclusion important in AI?
  2. Talk about what metrics are important to track for this report.
  3. Identify organizations, conferences and events to gather data from. We started a preliminary list of 40+ conferences.
  4. Compile the data.
  5. Discuss how we should represent the data.
  6. Create the graphs and the story.
  7. Design the report.
  8. Write our conclusions.
  9. Create a call to action for AI conferences to have Diversity and Inclusion policies.
  10. Gather resources to help conference and event organizers. (Lots already exist!)
  11. Determine how should we release this report.
  12. * We probably won't get all this done in 1 day, but it will be a good start!



Google Sheets: Voices In #AI - Compile the Data

Google Docs: Voices in #AI - Report (For Public Release)



Everyone who attends this event or collaborates on our shared google docs will receive authorship credit on the final report. Yay! 



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Stanford GSB Arbuckle Dining Pavilion - MAP



Cal Train: Palo Alto Station, The Stanford shuttles go directly to campus.



Morning: Pastries, Bagels, Coffee, Orange Juice.



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