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Noor Siddiqui

Student, Stanford University

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Right now I’m doing research under Anshul Kundaje (deep learning for genomics). Past: researcher under Sebastian Thrun (skin classifiers).

While at Stanford, I studied Computer Science, started a talk series called #nofilter, ran a translational group for researchers in the Stanford AI Lab, cofounded Stanford’s Center for Distributed Trust, and taught a class on distributed technologies.

Before Stanford, I started a digital health company called Remedy, that helped doctors get instant answers from specialists. We deployed our product to doctors and nurses at Harvard affiliated hospitals. I met some of my favorite people through the Thiel Fellowship.

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Jyotika Varshney, DVM, PhD

Founder and CEO, VeriSIM Life

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Focused on solving pharmaceutical challenges efficiently and effectively | Driven to expediently provide personalized health care approaches to cancer and other diseases | Targeted to execute FDA's 3Rs in drug development. At the University of Minnesota she studied functional and mechanistic approaches to study Osteosarcoma, working on a project to identify and understand novel mechanisms in osteosarcomadevelopment in dogs and humans and to find novel therapeutic targets.

At UCSF, Jyotika provided biotechnical support in developing techniques to interrogate three basic themes in the biology and clinical behavior of pancreatic and lung cancer including: 
(1) intra- patient tumor heterogeneity at the temporal and anatomic levels;
(2) inter-patient heterogeneity between different patients;
(3) tumor-micro-environmental interactions.


Solome Tibebu

Founder Anxiety In Teens, Associate VC, Affiniti VC

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Solome is passionate about frontier technologies transforming digital health, integrated care, behavioral health and more. She is a community builder who has co-founded several large startup and digital health communities across the country. She's excited about new innovations creating an equitable environment for mental wellness, care coordination, and creating material change for some of our world's most challenging healthcare issues. Her work as an investor, entrepreneur and health and human service technology expert has been featured in The Huffington Post, Forbes, TEDx, Inc Magazine, Upworthy, Psychology Today and more.

Solome is the recipient of the SAMHSA National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health Youth MOVE National Dare to Dream Award (Washington, D.C.), the MN Association of Children’s Mental Health 2010 Outstanding Service Award (Minneapolis, MN), the Margaret Clark Morgan Mental Health Scholar Award (Cleveland, OH), GSCU Dr. Martha L. Colvin Docent (Atlanta, GA), and was selected as 1 of 20 young social entrepreneurs to represent the US internationally at the G20 Summit Young Entrepreneurs Alliance in Sydney, Australia.


Tom Lemberg

Founder CureBase


After graduating from Harvard with a degree in computer science, Tom worked as a teaching fellow at Harvard, teaching Design of Usable Interactive Systems, and mobile software development for Android and iPhone. Most recently, Tom was a Product manager at Syapse before founding CureBase, a startup building a digital clinical trial assistant to change how medical providers discover, activate, and administer clinical trials for their patients. Curebase recently completed Y-Combinator and raised $2.5 in venture funding.



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Panel + Q&A.



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Optum Labs

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