We’re making some Changes


Since we started SVAI in 2016, we have relied on an incredible team of dedicated volunteers. Over the past few years our team has produced over 30 events and many memorable moments. Gatherings like the 2018 AI Download and our Genomics Research Hackathon for Rare Kidney Cancer were staples in an event series that brought thousands engineers, researchers and enthusiasts together from around the nation. Emerging from the success of our research series, the excitement and potential to build research structures has led most of our core team to focus exclusively on our patient focused cases. For everyone who wants to join our team, this is great news! We’ are interviewing for the following roles this Spring.


  1. SVAI’s Lecture Series will expand from a Life Sciences focus to include other Industries (ie. Finance, Retail, Autonomy, etc).

  2. We’ll be hosting events on a quarterly basis.

  3. SVAI’s patient focused research cases are being spun off into a new brand/initiative.

  4. Our new volunteer team for SVAI will include a lead for Finance, Retail, Autonomy and Healthcare.