We’re bringing on a new team to work on the Lecture Series! Since we started SVAI in 2016, we have produced over 30 events, creating thousands of community connections that sparked new ideas, collaborations and even new startups. SVAI grew because an of an incredible team of volunteers believed in our mission to educated, connect and accelerate AI/ML in Life Sciences. Gatherings like the 2018 AI Download and our Genomics Research Hackathon for Rare Kidney Cancer were staples in an event series that brought thousands engineers, researchers and enthusiasts together from around the nation.

Emerging from the success of our research series, the excitement and potential to build new research structures has led most of our core team to focus exclusively on our patient focused cases. For everyone who wants to join SVAI, this is great news! We are bringing on a new team. Sincere thanks to everyone we’ve worked with as collaborators, co-organizers and advisors, and everyone who has contributed time and energy to this organization :)


Our expectation for volunteer positions is roughly 1-3 hours per week (minimum) and to meet in person once per month.  Expect larger time commitments for larger events and projects. The roles we have outlined are highly collaborative. You can expect a lot of support from us in terms of introductions, existing relationships, and general support. These roles are designed for students or people who have full time commitments and want to do more. **We encourage people from all backgrounds and experience levels to apply!** 

  1. Build relationships with amazing folks in AI/ML and Life Sciences.

  2. Create measurable impact through a mission driven non-profit.

  3. Interface with leading universities, startups, enterprise organizations.

  4. Gain unique resume experience.

  5. Be a visible part of the Bay Area's rapidly growing AI/ML and biomedicine scene.

  6. Get a email address.

  7. Make good friends!


Lecture Series

  1. Design our quarterly lecture series. 

  2. Connect with AI and Computational Biology researchers, startups, and enterprise orgs.

  3. Curating engaging content for our in-person lectures.

  4. Manage speaker relationships.

  5. Event coordination and logistics.

  6. Coordinating venues.

  7. Collaborating with Media and Community Directors.

  8. Write re-cap of events for newsletter.


  1. Monthly event promotion / Responsible for sending out our digital communications.

  2. Design media engagement that leads to membership growth.

  3. Sourcing and sharing relevant content on our social media channels.

  4. Manage and curate content for social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Medium, Youtube, Github).

  5. Help develop digital identity.


  1. Welcome new members to our community.

  2. Help advise the creation of content and experiences based on what our community members value. 

  3. Drive high value membership in scientific, tech and academic circles.

  4. Help connect members to people and resources (We’ll help with this!)

  5. Help understand evolving member needs and ideas.

  6. Create community analytics report.

  7. Keep SVAI relevant in the changing landscape or AI / ML, Comp Bio, and Bay Area events.