SVAI is San Francisco based non-profit organizing scientific gatherings that contribute to disease research and help answer challenging problems in life sciences. SVAI’s research focus emerged from our ongoing monthly event series, regularly bringing together engineers and scientists. Our mission is to accelerate biomedicine research and educate through open collaborations in computational life sciences. The SVAI community reaches extensively into the bay area’s AI/ML and biomedicine circles and we maintain strong relationships across industry, academia and startups.

SVAI is run by Peter Kane and Keren Gu. We've worked closely with many of you as collaborators, co-organizers and advisors. Now we're formalizing a team for the next stage of SVAI. We are bringing on up to 10 people to work in groups of 2-3 on the teams outlined below.



Our expectation for volunteer positions is roughly 2 hours per week (minimum) and to meet bi-monthly.  Expect larger time commitments for larger events and projects. These roles are designed for students and folks who have full time commitments and want to do more. 

**We encourage people from all backgrounds and experience levels to apply!**


What to Expect:

  1. Build relationships with amazing folks in AI/ML and Life Sciences.
  2. Create measurable impact through a mission driven non-profit.
  3. Interface with leading universities, startups, enterprise organizations.
  4. Gain unique resume experience.
  5. Be a visible part of the Bay Area's rapidly growing AI/ML and biomedicine scene. 
  6. Get a email address.
  7. Make a lot of wonderful friends.



  • Applications Open: Sunday 10/22.
  • Applications Close: Tuesday 11/28 @ Midnight.
  • Interviews in SF: Saturday Morning and Afternoon 12/02.
  • Interviews in South Bay: Sunday Morning and Afternoon 12/03.
  • Final Decisions & Applicants notified: Sunday 12/10.
  • New Team Members Announced: Sunday 12/17.

Monthly Events Team

SVAI’s monthly gatherings are the core way we engage our community. If you are great with people, thrive in large group settings, and enjoy connecting people, we hope you can join us.


  1. Create exciting computational life sciences events!
  2. Manage speaker relationships.
  3. Event coordination and logistics.
  4. Collaborate with Media Team for event promotion.
  5. Live-Stream and post-produce event content.
  6. Write re-cap of events for newsletter.

Media Team


  1. Monthly event promotion. 
  2. Grow local and digital memberships.
  3. Manage and curate content for social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Github).
  4. Write featured researcher profiles.
  5. Monthly newsletter. (news articles, research, SVAI event re-caps, announcements, etc.)
  6. Help develop digital strategy.

Memberships and Community Team


  1. Drive high value membership in scientific, tech and academic circles.
  2. Help connect members to people and resources.
  3. Help SVAI understand evolving member needs and ideas.
  4. Create community analytics report.

Collaborative Research events Team

We're building SVAI to be a research non-profit. We received high demand for our first research event, and are excited to continue the series in March 2018. Our first event was run by a team of about 15 co-organizers and volunteers.


  1. Scientific Lead: Guide scientific objectives.
  2. Technical Lead: Manage our datasets, and computational resources.
  3. Help create online tutorials and workshops leading up to the event.
  4. Optimize how research ideas can be implemented in limited time scope.
  5. Event logistics and planning.
  6. Speaker and participant management.
  7. Develop strategy for research continuation after the event.
  8. Review, and communicate research results.
  9. Track the impact of research generated.

Fundraising & Partnerships

The fundraising and partnerships team will set a course for how to best financially and strategically support SVAI’s objectives. Successful fundraising will help us create part time and full time positions, and growth opportunities for volunteers.


  1. Identify organizations that are aligned with SVAI’s objectives.
  2. Help manage strategic fundraising and partnerships.
  3. Create resources for fundraising and partnerships.
  4. Help with SVAI financial planning.