A series of improvements and changes are underway for our patient cases:

  1. A new brand is being created for our patient research research cases to increase focus and representation of the participants and results.

  2. In general, we’re moving away from “Hackathon” language as we don’t feel it captures the essence, purpose or culture of our patient research cases. From here on out: “Hackathon” → “Patient Case”.

  3. More language remodeling: Removing lounge like: “Winners, Judging” in favor of language like: “Featured Authors, Submission Evaluation, Selected / Highlighted Results”.

  4. We want you to have access to the data as early as possible, regardless of when the in-person component takes place.

  5. Teams joining early will have longer to produce an analysis. Yay! Get a team together and apply early.

  6. Higher Quality Data: the data for Undiagnosed-1 is high-quality. We’re also working on re-sequencing our p1RCC samples in hopes of higher quality data.

  7. Undiagnosed-1 and our future patient cases will include access to complete medical records.

  8. Less Talks: We’re drastically cutting back on the number of talks featured at in-person patient case events.

  9. Better online support: In an effort to move more patient case analysis online, we’re focusing on how we can better serve online participants.

  10. Clearer submission criteria: In development. Working to make submissions more standardized and universal.

  11. Better recognition, promotion and dissemination of results and authors.

  12. Our aim is to feature top research results on our website in a tutorial type format.

  13. All these changes are underway and we’re looking for a range of volunteers to help with the vision. We’re especially interested in Designers and Bioinformatitions and folks to help with Fundraising. Please get in touch.