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1400 16th St,

San Francisco, CA 94103


Friday June 7th: 17.00 - 23.00

Saturday June 8th: 9am - 23.00

Sunday June 9th: 9am -18.00


Friday Night

17.00: Doors Open. Check-in, Eat, Make new friends.

18.30: Program Starts: OPENING TALKS.

18.30 - Kickoff: Ben Busby

18.35 - Invitae Welcome: Alex Furman

18.40 - Invitae Data Overview: Ed Esplin

18.50 - Patient Introduction: John M.

19.00 - Data Overview and Tools: Ryan Leung

19.10 - MedGenome: Hiranjith GH

19.20 - QIAGEN: Jennifer Poitras

19.30 - DNAnexus: Jason Chin

19.40 - SVAI Introduction: Annabelle Tang

19.45 - Final Welcome: Pete Kane

19.40 - START

19.35: Team Formation, Finish Setup, Start Working.

23.00: Doors Close.


9.00: Doors Open, Breakfast

11:00 AM  Qiagen QCI Expert Corner: Jennifer Poitras

12.00: Lunch.

15.00: Work.

17.30: Dinner.

23.00: Doors Close.


9.00: Doors Open, Breakfast

10.00: Work.

12.00: Lunch.

13.00: Work.

14.15: Submissions Due for end of event presentations.

14.30: Presentations & Evaluation.

14.40: MedGenome’s Results: Ankita Das

16.30: Happy Hour, Celebrate! 

18.00: End. Until Next Time :(



Here’s some of the wonderful people joining to work on this case!

  • Brett Teng Gao, Computational Biologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering

  • Hrushikesh Deshmukh, Sr Program Analyst

  • Deepika Gunasekaran, Graduate Student at University of California, Merced

  • Dima Lituiev, Postdoc at UCSF

  • Matthew Mingay, Bioinformatics Data Scientist at Joint Genome Institute

  • Andrew Sharo PhD Graduate Student at UC Berkeley

  • Said Munoz Montero, Bioinformatician at INMEGEN

  • Alivia Blount, Machine Learning Engineer at Marcia Data Automation

  • Yuan Fang, Software engineer at Google

  • Héctor Manuel Sánchez, Postdoctoral Scholar at University of California, Berkeley




This is a weekend hackathon style event, and it will not run overnight. If you are traveling from outside of the Bay Area and need a place to stay please join #bay-area-housing in slack to coordinate potential housing with other participants.


  1. BART Transit: 1.0 mile walk from 16th and Mission Station.

  2. Ride-Share: Please join #transportation in our slack channel to coordinate ride sharing with other participants.

  3. Parking: NOT RECOMMENDED. Street parking is available but is restrictive. If you drive, please do not leave any valuables visible in your car.


All meals and drinks will be provided for the weekend. The menu will be posted here when known.



Thank you to the following people who were provided critical support for this patient case.

  1. Laura D’Angelo, Head of Investor Relations at Invitae: Laura initiated and managed every aspect of our relationship with Invitae.

  2. Luke Hikey, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing, Pac Bio: Luke provided the consumables for the patients Long Read Sequencing on the Pac Bio Sequel machine.

  3. Delara Chizari, PhD Candidate at Harvard University, Co-Founder & CEO at Psykia Institute: Delara and Cosmo introduced us to John! (patient).

  4. Clinton (Cosmo) Mielke, PhD, Data Scientist, UCSF Memory and Aging Center, Founder, Infinome: Delara and Cosmo introduced us to John! (patient).

  5. Lily Vittayarukskul, SVAI team member 2018-2019: Lily was involved from the first day we met John and helped start this case on the SVAI team.