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New: We encourage participants to get a head start on the data before the weekend starts! You can start working on this case as soon as you have received an invitation to participate and we have you set up in Google Cloud.


Our objectives are exploratory and investigative. We’re seeking to:

  1. Accelerate research.

  2. Generate ideas for diagnosis.

  3. Explore treatment options.

  4. Better manage symptoms.

  5. Reduce hospital visits.

  6. Eliminate unnecessary care.


  1. Suggested Problem Tracks: Coming.

  2. MedGenome Problem Track: Coming.

  3. Companies interested in providing tools for case analysis: sponsor a problem track.


We'd like to see submissions follow the standard format of academic research. For code and presentations, submit to our Github. To have your research reviewed for publication on SVAI, submit a write up on our website.

Github ↗

SVAI Results Submission ↗

F1000 Research Submission ↗ (Coming)

  1. Introduction.

  2. Purpose.

  3. Approach.

  4. Methods / Algorithms / Models.

  5. Results and Discussion.


Final in-person presentations: Each team or individual will have 5 Minutes to present what they worked on. Presentations will be fast! But don't worry, we will link submissions here afterwards so you can get a closer look at what everyone worked on.


Each presentation will be judged on the following criteria weighted in this order:

  1. How well does the solution lead to positive outcomes for the patient?

  2. How novel is the approach to finding a solution?

  3. Quality and depth of the problem analysis.

  4. Team dynamics, diversity, and intersectionality including cross discipline and specialization collaboration.


There will be dedicated support for online participation during the event weekend. More information Coming.


The top 5 results, as selected by our evaluating team, will be featured on SVAI’s website and promoted to our community.