Keren Gu 


Keren Studied Math, EECS, AI and Machine Learning at MIT CSAIL. Her thesis was on extracting hierarchical structures from human collaboration.She now leads a ML team at Sift Science.


Cody Wild 

Monthly Events

Cody works at Sophos using deep learning to detect malware, and spends free time climbing, writing, and listening to musicals.  She holds a BS in Economics from Tulane and a MS in Analytics from USF.


Ryan Leung 

Monthly Events, SVAI Research

Ryan is a technical development engineer at Genentech with a background in regenerative medicine. In his free time, when not exploring omics data or molecular models, he enjoys powerlifting, dancing, and eating.


Nina Sardesh 

SVAI Research, Partnerships and Fundraising

Nina is a SF native/UCSC bioengineering alum who works in brain imaging at UCSF and consults for a digital health startup focused on AI + health record mining. She is passionate about data, design, precision medicine, improved health systems, and especially dogs and cooking.


Vikas Sharma 

Community and Memberships

Vikas is from Detroit, Michigan studying Computer Science and Economics at UC Berkeley. He is interested in combining ML and genomic data to advance research for diabetes and food allergies.


Ripley Jene

Media and Monthly Events

Ripley is an artist, producer and creative technologist. Ripley coFoudned TherapyOS, and volunteers at Code 2040 and Black Girls Code.


Jennifer Greenberg 


I’m currently a junior at New College of Florida, the honors college of Florida, majoring in computer science. I graduated from the Girls Who Code summer immersion program in 2014. I have followed my path as a coder ever since.


Daniel Lin 


Daniel is a product manager & designer, with a background in cognitive science from UCLA. Outside of tinkering with emerging technologies, he's a fan of basketballrhyming, and oral hygiene.


Vandon Duong 

Media, Community and Memebrships

Vandon is a researcher at Stanford University and designs light-controlled proteins to study and treat neuropathology. He is a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota.


Annabelle Tang 

Community and Memberships

Annabelle studied molecular and cell Biology at UC Santa Cruz, and is now studying AI through Udacity's nanodegree courses.


Samir Khanna 

Community and Memberships

Samir is pursuing an M.S. in Finance Candidate at Santa Clara University. He previously held positions at Kaiser and a healthcare startup.


Hunter Dunbar 

SVAI Research, Partnerships and Fundraising

Hunter has commercialized technology both in research institutions and start-ups; he previously did research in a UMN Bio-physics Lab and the Emergency Department. He is currently launching a product using Machine Learning in transportation and maintains string interest for  cardiac disease and genetics. 


Pamela Davis 

Artist in Residence

Pam is an artist and lecturer at Stanford Design Program. She creates the beautiful art on SVAI.


Pete Kane  

SVAI Research, Partnerships and Fundraising

Peter has experience running large community groups and studied Chinese Language and Literature at the University of Minnesota.