AI Genomics Hackathon

On June 23rd, SVAI + + NF2 Project, are kicking off our first AI Genomics hackathon at Google Launchpad in San Francisco! We're also happy to announce the NCBI as a community partner. This event will focus on analyzing Genomic data and research publications using AI and other computational methods. We have a special opportunity to work with patient data from an ongoing medical case, provided by Onno Faber, a serial entrepreneur and NF2 Patient. This event kicks off our first open source medical AI community project and we're super excited for it! 

"SVAI is a special interest community group, exploring the application of Artificial Intelligence in Life Sciences. We host monthly gatherings to educate and connect researchers, startups and new AI initiatives. We have a special focus on AI/ML applied to computation in biology, genomics, drug discovery, individualized medicine and healthcare."