Self Driving Cars are the hottest application for #AI in Silicon Valley. We've invited four standout founders to share how they are pushing the industry forward. 

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Forrest Iandola, PhD 

"Perception for Autonomous Driving"

Forrest graduated from UC Berkeley with a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) in 2016. At Berkeley, Forrest has been involved in Berkeley Deep Drive (BDD) and a number of other research centers on applying machine learning and computer vision to practical applications. His research led to the Founding of DeepScale (, which has core technology in: Training data for machine learning algorithms, rapid deep neural network (DNN) training, ground-up redesigns of DNN architectures, and efficient DNN deployment in embedded/IoT applications. DeepScale has focused this skillset on the automotive industry, where they have a number of customer engagements.

Forrest on LinkedIn.

Devaki Raj

"Opportunities to build tools and datasets for ML/ AI companies"

Devaki is the co-founder and CEO of CrowdAI, a startup processing large amounts of high quality data for machine learning algorithms. She holds a Masters in Statistics from the University of Oxford. She spent 3.5 years at Google as a statistician working on projects on maps, Android, life sciences and [x]. Devaki has been working with self driving car companies, and is in the current batch of YCombinator.

Devaki on LinkedIn

Austin Russell & Benjamin Englard

"Why Self Driving Cars need LiDAR"

Austin is the Founder of a sensing company in stealth mode. He has significant experience building 3D mapping and vision systems for applications in Autonomous Vehicles. Ben began working with Austin in 2016 to bring significant data processing expertise to the table. Both Austin and Ben are recipients of the Thiel Fellowship.

Ben on LinkedIn.

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18.00: Doors Open

18.50: Opening Remarks

19.00: "Perception for Autonomous Driving"

19.10: "Opportunities to build tools and datasets for ML/ AI companies"

19.20: "Why Self Driving Cars need LiDAR"

19.30: Panel Q&A Discussion with Speakers

20.00: Make some new friends!

21.45: Doors Close



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