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In-person participation is limited to 120 people. The acceptance rate our research cases is 47%. To increase your opportunity to participate in person, please make sure to provide complete answers and verifiable information.


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This is a scientifically, technically, and medically intensive event. Our audience typically has backgrounds in one or more of the following: bioinformatics, computer science, AI/ML, computational biology, genomics, statistics, math or physics. We encourage people from all backgrounds and skill levels to apply - If you’re eager to explore this dataset, we’re excited to have you!


Want to come to the event but not work on the dataset? Sign up to help out as a volunteer.  (coming)

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All experience levels welcome.
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Our TOS is linked below. Please read it! Very short version: Participants retain intellectual rights, submissions will stay in the open domain, and the data we provide is available under the MIT License.

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