Give a short talk at SVAI's 2018 AI Download Event!

In partnership with the Computer History Museum, our second annual AI Download event is happening April 20th!


  • 18 Two Minute Presentations: 36 Minutes.
  • 5 Seven Minute Presentations: 35 minutes.

Expected Attendance: 400 people.

Join us for 23 short presentations featuring a broad survey of AI projects in the Bay Area. We like highlighting AI startups, new research, learning resourcescommunity initiatives and fun things happening at the leading AI companies, and look forward to seeing you at this event!

Presenters will give a short overview of what they are working on in AI / ML and have the opportunity to tell the SVAI community what resources they are looking for. Each presenter will be allowed one slide. 


April 20th




Computer History Museum, Mountain View.


Your short talk should cover the following: 1) Project Name. 2) Your Background. 3) Overview of your AI / ML project. 4) What stage it is at. 5) What you looking for right now.


Name *
Please Select Your Talk Preference. *
We will be selecting 18 two minute talks and 5 seven minute talks. We expect the longer talks to be about 60% technical and include descriptions of methods / code etc.
We will be selecting several projects to feature on the 2017 Download event page.

Accepted submissions will be notified on a rolling basis, through April 9th.

*By applying to present you are also opting in to future SVAI communications.