If you haven't done so already, please confirm your participation! In-person participants: Please let us know ASAP if you unable to attend. We received high interest in this event and want to accommodate as many participants as possible. If you have not confirmed your spot by May 13th at 9pm it may be given to someone else.


The patient data is uploaded to our Google Cloud account and we are creating individual projects within that account to provide team access. We have received some requests to download the data for use on external clusters. Please email us directly for support on that.

TCGA data is available via TCGA's data portal Please note, many files are restricted access. SVAI is not able to grant access to the restricted data. Some of you may have access to these files through your research affiliations and institutions.


Please create a Google Cloud Account. Google has provided us with $120,000 in cloud credits for our research series, Yay! During this weekend, most of you will be working under SVAI's Google Cloud account and all the computational power you use will debit from of our account. 


Join our Slack Channel. Here are some of our starter channels for the weekend:



The latest revision of our Terms Of Service is up. Special note for Google employees: Our terms have been approved by Google's internal review for hackathon participation.


Most teams will be formed the first evening of the event. For everyone with pre-formed teams: pls make sure all your team members have applied and received an invitation to participate from us (We're working on the second cohort of invites now). Next step, Choose a team name and add your team members to this sheet - this will help us greatly with communications and Google Cloud administration.


Ryan Leung (SVAI Team), Bill Paseman (Collaborator) and James Hsieh (MD Keynote) have put together some selected prep. readings for this event! There's a lot of information here: *It is NOT required* but many useful things to learn :)


  • Computer.
  • Rested Brain.


We're partially through helping out of town participants with local lodging. If you are interested in hosting a participant traveling from outside the Bay Area, please let us know! Likewise: if you are still seeking someone to stay with, pls reply to this email /