Software Engineer

Luminar Technologies Inc.

Palo Alto - California

Job description

Luminar Technologies, Inc. is pioneering the autonomous vehicle industry by developing the world's most advanced sensor and software technologies.


Software engineers will be responsible for turning machine learning algorithms into fast, reliable, and safe products. There will be a need for low-level controllers and interfacing to the vehicle drive systems, visualization tools for demonstrations and safety during operations, and input into future algorithms desired from the machine learning team.

Senior software engineers will be responsible for leading the software development tem in their productization of the sensor platform. Their responsibilities will be all those of the software engineers plus more project management, oversight, and general leadership. We're looking for people that have already made all the mistakes and can help newer engineers learn from their experience. 

Key Accountabilities / Responsibilities

  • Translate the models the scientist train into high-performance systems that run on cars
  • Devise new methods for data collection and storage
  • Design and build the SDK for a sensor suite
  • Build simulation, visualization tools
  • Vehicle security systems


  • At least 3 years of experience
  • Extensive C++, Python, Linux platform experience
  • Experience writing, testing, deploying, and maintaining high-performance, real-time, safety-critical embedded systems
  • GPGPU/CUDA Experience
  • Experience with CAN, automotive protocols and vehicle security
  • Experience with ROS
  • Experience dealing with TB's of data
  • Experience munging data between the following communication protocols: GigE (UDP), USB3, Camera Link
  • Helpful: experience with computer vision, machine learning, control systems, computer graphics

Data Sets Being Used

We have the highest quality autonomous vehicle sensor data ever produced. Additionally, we have an incredible simulation environment to serve as a risk-free test bed.


Engineering Snapshot

Eric Danzinger,

Carnegie Mellon '15,


Eric has a masters education in Robotics, and Deep Learning / Computer Vision. He served several tours in Afghanistan and plans to build a Thorium reactor.


Eric's has developed robot grasping techniques and translatable VR learning for deep learning system. 

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