Machine Learning Scientist

Luminar Technologies Inc.

Palo Alto - California

Job description

Luminar Technologies, Inc. is pioneering the autonomous vehicle industry by developing the world's most advanced sensor and software technologies.


We have already built a team with experience in machine learning, and are looking to add to it with creative and intelligent people who can incorporate the cutting edge of computer vision and reinforcement learning techniques to the problem of creating a safe autonomous vehicle. We have tons of GPUs; help us keep them occupied!

Key Accountabilities / Responsibilities

  • Building and testing novel machine learning architectures to solve perception, mapping, and planning tasks.
  • Assisting with real-time implementation of trained models.
  • Assisting with design of sensor configurations.


  • MS or Ph.D in CS, Robotics, Stats
  • Extensive experience with machine (especially deep) learning, 3D computer vision, SLAM, planning, reinforcement learning
  • Ability to re-implement and advance the state of the art
  • Strong C++, Python, luajit, CUDA implementation skills
  • Strong math ability
  • Experience dealing with TB's of data
  • Publications helpful

Data Sets Being Used

We have the highest quality autonomous vehicle sensor data ever produced. Additionally, we have an incredible simulation environment to serve as a risk-free test bed.


Engineering Snapshot

Eric Danzinger,

Carnegie Mellon '15,


Eric has a masters education in Robotics, and Deep Learning / Computer Vision. He served several tours in Afghanistan and plans to build a Thorium reactor.


Eric's has developed robot grasping techniques and translatable VR learning for deep learning system. 

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