SVAI's Mission is to Educate, Explore and Enable Artificial Intelligence and Life Sciences Research + Collaborations.


Hey all, 

We're excited to announce SVAI's increased focus on AI / ML in computational biology, genomics, life sciences and healthcare.


We believe that AI / ML applied to these fields holds the greatest potential scientific and medical discoveries of our lifetime. With SVAI, we recognized the huge opportunity to bring together the AI / ML and Life Science scenes to explore research collaborations, start new companies and learn together.

I’m not interested interested in life sciences, is SVAI still the right group for me?

Yes. Our gatherings will continue to continue to include broader areas like new AI research, open source tools, frameworks, social impact, self driving, education, environment and more. But check out section one.


To start 2017 we hosted an event showcasing a broad look at what everyone is working on in the Bay Area #AI scene: 2017 #AI Download. Thank you for everyone who attended, presented and supported the event. You can watch the videos here: Part One, Part Two. We're 1 year into the re-launch of SVAI and it’s been fantastic. This group has regularly brought together amazing people, enabling new collaborations, learning and hiring.

-Pete & Team 

Biologists, Life Sciences & Medical Researchers:

How are you using /want to use AI and Machine Learning?


Section One: Things We Read

The application of AI/ML in bio, genomics, life sciences, and healthcare is just getting started. Here's whats been happening in the past few months:

  1. A.I. Versus M.D. What Happens When Diagnosis is Automated? - The New Yorker
  2. Assisting Pathologists in Detecting Cancer with Deep Learning - Google Research Blog
  3. Nvidia sees Medicine as the Next Big Market for ML Hardware. - MIT Technology Review
  4. Freenome Raises $65M in Series A - Medium
  5. Philips and PathAI Partner on AI for Cancer Pathology Research. - Phillips
  6. CRV announces Deep Insight BioEngineering program. - Medium
  7. Deep Learning Does as well as Dermatologists in Identifying Skin Cancer - Stanford News
  8. Unmet Needs for Analyzing Biological Big Data - Biorxiv
  9. Supercomputers Are Stocking Next Generation Drug Pipelines - Wired
  10. Will Artificial Intelligence Help to Crack Biology? - The Economist
  11. Neural Network Learns to Select Potential Anticancer Drugs - DDD Magazine
  12. Can Artificial Intelligence Solve the Mystery of Genetic Disease? - University of Toronto
  13. DeepMind Detects Life-threatening Illness - Evening Standard
  14. Silicon Valley Computational Drug Startup Takes on Glaucoma. - IEEE Spectrum
  15. Can Craig Venter Cheat Death? - Fortune
  16. raises $8 million from investors including the Mayo Clinic - Tech Crunch
  17. The Genomics Intelligence Revolution - TechCrunch
  18. Empowering Cancer Treatment With Machine Learning - MIT Technology Review
  19. Machine Vision Helps Spot New Drug Treatments - MIT Technology Review
  20. Alphabet’s Health-Tech Company Verily Raises $800 million - Venture Beat
  21. Microsoft Revs Up Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Projects - Health IT Analytics
  22. KenSci raises $8.5M to Predict Which Patients Will Get Sick - Geek Wire
  23. What if New Medications can be Found in Minutes Instead of Years? - TBWA\WorldHealth
  24. Deep Patient: Predict the Future of Patients from the EHR - Nature
  25. CZI Acquires an AI Startup for Doctors to Find Research Faster. - INC
  26. Deep-Learning Approach to Protein Folding - The Economist
  27. Artificial Intelligence Predicts When Heart Will Fail - BBC
  28. Artificial Intelligence Could Help Catch Alzheimer's Early - Scientific American
  29. NLP Processing Unstructured Data in Healthcare - HIT Infrastructure
  30. Mayo Clinic & the State of Minnesota Investing $6.5bn to Become the Silicon Valley of Medicine - MarketPlace



Deep Learning Research Scientist 
Mountain View

Our friends at DeepScale are hiring: "DeepScale is a venture funded startup in Mountain View, CA. Our founders are Deep Learning experts from UC Berkeley with strong academic and industry track records."


AI Engineer 
Our AI Team is hiring an engineer with strong grounding in Machine Learning theory / techniques and the ability to write quality production code.

Have an opportunity you'd like to share in the next issue? Contact us at:

Section Three: Us

SVAI Team and Contributors. These are the great people who make SVAI possible. ❤️

*Art by PDK

Section Four: Events

Our next event is happening at Stanford on April 6th. It is sold out! But you can catch the live stream in our Facebook group. It's about Computational Chemistry, featuring Bharath Ramsundar, Stanford PhD student and founder of DeepChem.

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