2019 Calendar

Our 2019 topics are:

  1. AI Download Conference.

  2. Computational Genomics.

  3. Computer Vision:  MRI & Radiology.

  4. Early Disease Detection.

  5. Predictive Healthcare Analytics.

Open volunteer positions

Chief Facilitator / Executive Director - SVAI Team

Designer - Research to the People Team

Bioinformation - Research to the People Team


Our research activities have moved to: researchtothepeople.org. Read the update here.


SVAI is an open community to accelerate AI for biomedicine, with a focus on cancer genomics and rare diseases. We're fascinated with the expandability of collaboration for challenging biomedicine problems. Our research programs bring together patients, academia, and industry, creating a unique space for medical exploration and cross-disciplinary skills building. The SVAI community reaches extensively into the Bay Area’s AI/ML and biology circles, and we maintain strong relationships across industry, academia and startups.

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