Revised June 15th


All submissions to the AI Genomics Hackathon will be available in the public domain. We encourage participants to open source their projects to both share their learnings with the greater community and promote innovation in this space.



The purpose of this agreement is (1) protect the privacy of the subjects whose genome is being disclosed to you and (2) for the “NF2 Project” to be able to use the findings for the purpose of getting patients access to treatment options. Solid regulations around genomic data are still new territory, so we ask you to be respectful towards these rules in order to help create a safe and more open environment for patients to share their data this way.


  • The genome dataset (further referred to as the "Data") consists of a tumor/normal pair from a patient diagnosed with the rare genetic condition NF2 and a normal from a sibling of the patient. All three are Whole Genome Sequences with a read-depth of 60X-90X and will be made available to you as .bam and .vcf files

  • The event (further referred to as the "Hackathon"), is taking place from the 23rd-25th of June '17 in San Francisco and includes early access to the data a week prior to the event from the 16th of June '17

  • As a participant to the Hackathon you can only use the data to find new gene associations, potential treatment options for NF2, or any other information relevant for NF2. The findings and analysis will be the results of the Hackathon.

  • You agree that the results you will generate during the Hackathon will be made public and used by any third party for the purpose of improving knowledge on NF2 and/or developing therapies for NF2, and that this use will come at no cost to any such third party.

  • Access to the data is personal and limited to you alone, for the purpose and time frame of the Hackathon.

  • You agree not to give anyone else access to the Data. If you know someone that would like access, they should submit an individual request.

  • You agree to delete your copy of the Data after the event is finished (the 25th of June ’17). It is your responsibility to keep the Data secure during the time you have access to it.

  • If you would like to continue working with the data after the event (which we encourage!), you may request this during or after the Hackathon.