Donate to SVAI

Donating to SVAI helps us continue to bring together our talented research community to collaborate on biomedicine insights for patients. Your contributions help us create new research opportunities, organize resources for our community, deliver better scientific results for researchers and patients, and produce more educational content.

SVAI is a California A 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our EIN is 82-1802734. Your contributions to SVAI are tax deductible. Our 2018 fundraising campaign supports:



Sixty percent of our fundraising will support our primary focus areas, including: research collaborations, lecture series, digital media, and partnerships. The majority of this will be allocated for the continued development of our research program, allowing us to:

  1. Produce and scale patient focused research collaborations.

  2. Manage ongoing patient research.

  3. Create tutorials and educational material from research results.


Human Capital and Scalability

SVAI is operating like a startup in the sense that we're building a scaleable organization with a technical focus. What makes us different is that we're a community focused non-profit. Maximizing our reach to the brilliant minds and to patient communities will increase education, research and outcomes. Supporting the methods of scalability and the people making it happen is at the top of our priorities for building SVAI.


Biomedicine Data Creation

Dataset creation is at the core of what brings us together to solve challenging problems. We have research organizations and patients reaching out to us with various data and proposals for research collaborations. Having a budget to support data helps us supplement additional data creation such as sequencing patients.