SVAI is a California A 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our EIN is 82-1802734. Your contributions to SVAI are tax deductible. Our 2018 fundraising campaign supports:

  1. Building an online platform to support and scale our research collaborations.
  2. Sequencing patients and generating biomedicine data for our research collaborations.
  3. Growing our Research and Engineering community and maintaining our core activities.


SVAI Focus Areas

Sixty percent of our fundraising will support our primary focus areas, including: Research Platform, Monthly Lecture Series, Digital Media, Partnerships, and Fundraising. The bulk of this allocation will be used to build our research platform, allowing us to:

  1. Engage with with our current inbound patient collaboration requests.
  2. Manage research continuation and long-term projects.
  3. Better allocate computational resources to researchers.
  4. Increase communication of research ideas and results.


Human Capital and Scalability

SVAI is operating like a startup in the sense that we're building a scaleable organization with a technical focus. What makes us different is that we're a community focused non-profit. Maximizing our reach to the brilliant minds and to patient communities will increase education, research and outcomes. Supporting the methods of scalability and the people making it happen is at the top of our priorities for building SVAI.


Data Creation

Dataset creation is at the core of what brings us together to solve challenging problems. We have research organizations and patients reaching out to us with various data and proposals for research collaborations. Having a budget to support data helps us supplement additional data creation such as sequencing patients.


Come Meet Us

Los Angeles:  June 25th-27th // Join us for HH June 26th.

Minnesota: July 1-9 // Join us for HH July 2nd.

New York City: July 10-11 and 21-28th // Join us for HH July 11th.

Boston: July 12-20th // Join us for HH July 13th.

Cleveland: August 2-3 / Join us for HH August 3rd.

San Francisco: Our team is based in SF // Join us for HH August 10th.

Fundraising Chart.png
 2018 Fundraising and Expansion Tour Banner.

2018 Fundraising and Expansion Tour Banner.


We created a 30-page summary of SVAI including an in-depth look at what we've accomplished and where we're going. This package includes corporate sponsorship packages as well as expanded options for how we partner with organizations. We've collaborated with large tech companies, government agencies, museums, biotech companies, non-profits and startups. We look forward to discussing partnership opportunities with you!

 2018 Summary and Fundraising Packages. Available by request.

2018 Summary and Fundraising Packages. Available by request.

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