Deep Learning Research Scientist


Mountain View - California


DeepScale is a venture funded startup in Mountain View, CA.  Our investors include Greylock Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners.  Our founders are Deep Learning experts from UC Berkeley with strong academic and industry track records. 

The automotive industry is facing its biggest disruption in 100 years with the introduction of autonomous vehicles.  There is a clear opportunity to save hundreds of thousands of lives that are lost to driver error every year.  With our cutting-edge perception systems, we have already attracted the interest of key players in the automotive industry. We are ready to add to our team.


We are currently looking for an experienced Deep Learning Research Scientist who enjoys collaboration, the freedom to explore, the visibility that comes from doing breakthrough research and ultimately seeing it monetized in our business model. As a team we are focused and passionate but with an emphasis on cooperation, not competition and a strong belief in the value of work-life balance. We have all the resources and tools you will need to succeed.  Please join us.

  • Work to advance state-of-the-art on key problems using machine learning and deep learning.
  • Mix of publishable and top-secret projects available.
  • Access to large quantities of high quality training data.
  • Freedom to solve problems your own way.
  • Easy access to supplies and equipment as needed.


  • Experience in developing and applying deep neural network (DNN) models
  • Experience in designing new DNN architectures to solve specific problems
  • BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science or a similar field 


  • Experience in motion planning or control systems
  • Experience in 3D reconstruction
  • Experience in writing efficient software (e.g. using SSE/AVX instructions, CUDA/OpenCL, or other hardware-level primitives